Domaine Jean-Marc Blain Gagnard, Chassagne-Montrachet La Boudriotte Blanc 1er Cru 2002

Blain-Gagnard Boud 2002 #2

Blain-Gagnard Boud 2002 #3Straw.  Like his Chassagne Caillerets, stylish and steely-floral on the nose: white stone fruit, acacia, Chassagne herb and a depth of mineral character we do not usually find within this climat.  Limpid and penetrating on the palate, medium-full: lime blossom, a sweet lemon sherbet; white peach.  A lovely nervosity for a Boudriotte; ’02 acidity and grip gives added lift and tension that pairs beautifully with the natural richness of this climat.  Racy, dimensional Boudriotte.  Now – 2018.

Blain-Gagnard Boud 2002 #1

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