Château de Myrat, Barsac 2003

Myrat 2003 #2

Myrat 2003

Ten years on tasting of the ’03s.

An immature gold color. Fat, wide, forward nose with a touch of the ’03 exotic: marmalade orange, bitter apricot, some burnt flavors of honey, toffee and custard.  Still some built-in sulphur; we got a better read on this wine on day two.  Rounded, fullish and unctuously textured on the palate: candied apricot, Serville orange and almond creamsicle. Heavy footed though.  In keeping with the vintage, the wine lacks zip.  Vintage wins out over commune here; more ’03 than Barsac.  There is merit to be found, however: luscious fruit, even is it enjoys no Barsac typicity at all; some botrytis.  But it lacks a bit of flair and, more importantly, depth.  Another ten years in the cellar isn’t going to develop that either.  The vines are still on the youngish side; the property lay dormant since ’76 before they made the decision to replant in ’94.  Best to enjoy these ’03s sooner rather than later.  Keep Château de Myrat on your radar though; they have the terroir to make a true deuxième cru.  Further investment in the property, the age of vines, a talented winemaker with the will to make great wine … those can all still come.

Myrat 2003 #1

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