Domaine Louis Moreau, Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru 2002

Moreau Chablis Clos 2002 #3

Moreau Chablis Clos 2002 #2

Medium yellow-gold color.  Rich but a bit forward on the nose:  yellow orchard and tropical fruit, beeswax honeycomb, roquefort, kernel.  Dense, meaty, exotic, almost thick on the palate: mango, passionfruit, guava, Hi-C peach puree.  Like that Wendy’s commercial from yesteryear, Barb asks, “where’s the zip?”.  I am asking “2002 Les Clos?”.   Like ’96 the ’02s have vibrant, even intense minerality that alternatively scream and whisper at the same time but always make their presence known.  An ’02 Les Clos in my mind should barely be ready.  Not this L. Moreau.  I feel like we are not even catching this bottle on the back nine; we already standing on eighteen waiting to hole out.  This is not a pox thing: no nosedive into cereal, oatmeal and sherry tones and it is not clipped or muted on the finish.  Nor does it have that ‘left outdoors for too long’ quality from improper storage.  Maybe Louis Moreau is a late picker.  Could be his selection isn’t the most rigorous and so these now drink old.  This is our first bottle of his; we have more familiarity with the Chablis from his cousin Christian Moreau.  For fans of moreish Chardonnay with relaxed, tame acidity this is a home run.  This just left us with more questions than answers.  Judgement deferred.  Need to try another bottle of this.

Moreau Chablis Clos 2002 #4

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