Vranken, Brut Damiant Non Vintage

Vranken Damiant NV

Vranken Damiant NV #2

50% Chardonnay; 50% Pinot Noir.

A medium straw yellow color.  A balanced, racy, mineral-driven nose: slightly bracken yellow and red fruit, citrus rind, melba toast, egg batter, raw almond, crimini and powdered stone.  Not the most concentrated but certainly a refined texture on the palate.  Dry, of modest body and length: Grannysmith apple, Rainer cherry, lemon curd, vanilla bean paste and pastry cream.  Clean, straightforward mousse and an attractive bead.  Touches of herb, a grilled nutty goodness and more stone to wrap up.  Fans of broad-shouldered champagnes may find this a bit lightweight.  But not inconsequential.  For us, we like the definition, distinction and transparency here.  The more Vranken we drink, both vintage and non vintage, the more we realize they pretty much have us sold on the nose, something we might describe as ‘classy’.  Don’t serve it too cold; cellar temperature should do nicely.  A good champagne.  Drink soon.

Vranken Damiant NV #1

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