Carl Loewen, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese Mosel 2010

Carl Loewen Spatlese 2010

Carl Loewen Spatlese 2010 #2

An immature straw yellow color.  Soft-slate on the nose, pure and flashing white-green intensely.  A packed, meaty concentration on the palate, toothsome, tactile and nervy: cassis parfait, lime sherbet and nectarine crème.  Quite vinous.  Almost too much material here to wade though, the ’10 vintage manifesting itself not so much in bandsaw acidity but bursting at the seams with layers of dry extract.  Comes off a little hyper and a bit of a freak.  A superior latticework of slate.  Brimming with potential.  So very young.  At least a twenty year flight path for this.  Now – 2030+.

Carl Loewen Spatlese 2010 #1

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