Milz-Laurentiushof, Trittenheimer Felsenkopf Riesling Spätlese Mosel 2001

Medium straw yellow color with green tinges.  Ripe nose, now firmly rooted in its secondaries: slightly floral white fruit, lily of the valley, petrol, blue slate and wet stone.  Weightless frame and a creamy sherbet texture on the palate: gooseberry, lime and mirabelle.  Buoyant and harmonious.  Zippy, fresh and citric.  Maybe we would have liked to have seen a more individual style, a bit more flair.  This Mosel reminds us of Woody Hayes and “three yards and a cloud of dust”: nothing outside the tackles for this Milz.  You can either appreciate its purity or dock it for being a little dull.  It’s a choice; we’ll go with the former.  Now – 2020.

Milz Spatlese 2001

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