Domaine Dauvissat-Camus, Chablis La Forest 1er Cru 2000

Dauvissat Forest 2000

Dauvissat Forest 2000 #1

From Montmains fruit.

Yellow-gold.  A gallimaufry of a nose: yellow tropical and stone fruit, rowan, tansy, iodine, rainwater and caraway.  A little cheesy in a yeasty way with a topnote of botrytis.  Much more fruit than we were expecting on the palate.  Glyceric and carnal texturally, with hints of sucrosite and a bit of heat on the finish: soursop, Hi-C peach puree, key lime.

Underneath the fruit exoticism lies the oyster shell minerality we were expecting.  But it behaves like the acidity in this wine: it gives the impression of sitting side by side with the fruit, not integrated within a harmonious whole.  So: interesting for its Dauvissat character but a bit disjointed and ungainly.

Ox – no.  Off-bottle – yes.  Wasn’t purchased on release: I just picked up this single bottle to try last month from one of the local retailers here.  Drink up.

Dauvissat Forest 2000 #2

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