Hexamer, Schlossböckelheimer In Den Felsen Riesling Spätlese Nahe 2010

Hexamer Felsen Spatlese 2010

Immature pale yellow color with a touch of emerald.  An audible pop with a healthy dose of petillance on opening.  Lissome, estery nose: yeasty citrus and stone fruit, proto-botrytis, talc and fleur du sel.  A prickly, fermentative fruit palate, with the acidity dancing at the tip of your tongue: Kaffir lime, yellow apple skin and peach gelée.  Majors in tang: mirabelle-apple fruit-salt finish.  Today, this is all sponti driven exuberance; depth and complexity to come.  Give it time.  From 2015.

Hexamer Felsen Spatlese 2010 #1

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