Château Lafite Rothschild, Paulliac 1978

Lafite 1978 #2

Thirty-five years on tasting.

Very fine, limpid oxblood with a touch of ochre, pink-orange rim. Perfumed, complex, profound nose:  warm brick, cool red fruit.  Touches of worn leather, antique cedar, mature violet, exotic spice and blond tobacco, all streaked in pencil.  A timeless harmony on the palate, queenly, lensing and multi-dimensional: beef bouillon, vanilla cremé, mulberry tart, gently sautéed groseille.  A richer, more voluptuous character than Latour; more velvet than silk.  Regal grip. Subtle, composed, mineralic finish.  Intoxicating elegance and true breed: a grande dame of a wine.  A great ’78. Fully mature. Will keep very well.

Lafite 1978 #1

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