Gunderloch, Nackenheimer Rothenberg Riesling Spätlese Rheinhessen 2005

Gunderloch Spatlese 2005 #5

Lemon yellow with emerald hints.  Refined and contrapuntal on the nose: a classic red-soil fragrance (yellow orchard and citrus fruit, maple, cinnamon) set against a diesel-streaked backdrop.  A timeless buoyancy on the palate, texturally lush yet explicit: yellow peach, nectarine, touch of framboise.   Structured; incisive acidity and a steel anvil of minerality at the end.  An impactful ’05 Spätlese Rheinhessen: one of the best ’05 rieslings at any prädikat level we have had in some time.   Now – 2025.

Gunderloch Spatlese 2005 #4

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