Domaine Daniel et Christophe Chauveau, Chinon Pallus 2005

Chinon 2005 #1

Chinon 2005 #2

Glossy immature ruby color.  Robust if a bit rude on the nose: slightly sooty blackcurrant leaf, dill, sasparilla root and turned earth.   A little more expressive on the palate.  More vibrant, crunchy and palpable, medium-full: blackberry, dark cherry and black licorice.   The tannins are grippy, slightly rustic and a touch astringent: this being an ’05 they are nicely ripe so this will go.  Mineral, iron rich core at its center.  A prominent but not blatant acidity.  Needs time.  Obdurate and a bit brutal but the honesty and purity here is so frank we found this to be quite charming.   From 2015.

Chinon 2005

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