Alois Kracher, Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese Nummer 4 Zwishen den Seen Neusiedlersee 2000

Kracher 2000 #4

Kracher 2000 #1

Kracher 2000 #3

From half bottle (375ml).

Burnished antique copper color; seems a bit advanced for its age.  Animated, unfolding, dialectic nose, awash in noble rot character: viscous yet vibrant orchard and tropical fruit, musk, thyme honey, lychee nut, pumpernickel, white truffle and fresh green tobacco leaf.  Texturally carnal, waxy and phenolic.  More grainy custard than buttery, a magma of apricot, soursop, pineapple, vanilla and bigarade orange, all lightly poached in brown spice.  Sometime we find the Kracher wines can be a bit too much: wines of opacity and almost luridly sweet.  But this #4 Welschriesling is buttressed by a vibrant, saline acidity that informs its wealth of material with clarity and lift.  A transportative juiciness on display here.  Now – ∞ (the cork will fail long before this wine ever will).

Kracher 2000 #2

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