Reichsrat Von Buhl, Pechstein Forst Riesling Großes Gewächs 2007

Imported by Rudi Weist and Cellars International, San Marcos CA.

This is AP#33.

Emerald.  A teeming,  brackish, reductive tidal pool of a nose: opal basil, tissane, hyacinth, pithy citrus, savory black bassalt.  Tense, brothy and a bit reticent on the palate: peach stone, apple pit, yuzu, wild sage.  A slurried texture.  A kumquat acidity.  Finishes saturated in lavender and brine, with the impression of a still-seething cauldron of liquid minerality.  Feels a bit wrung out presently.  Give it time and space to graduate from charm school.  From 2015+.

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