Domaine d’Orfeuilles, Touraine Brut Rosé Non Vintage

Orfeuilles Rose NV #2

Orfeuilles Rose NV #1

100% Côt (Malbec) and a touch of Grolleau.  Unknown disgorgement date. Current release.

Bath soap pink.  Overt, evocative nose, spiced with the crack of flint, gypsum and wood sorrel.  Savory, dry, tart rhubarb palate.  Competent bead and mousse.  But it starts better than it finishes: Côt’s inate brutality is unfurled, this becomes more blatant, coarse and tannic as it goes.  Interesting for sure though: it seemed like a suicide mission from the start fashioning a sparkler from Malbec so props to the Hérivaults for having the cojones to try.  And the wine brims with character.  Our advice: keep it cold and kill the bottle by giving everyone a glass.  Drink soon.

Orfeuilles Rose NV

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