Moutard-Diligent (Moutard Père et Fils), Brut Rosé de Cuvaison Aube Non Vintage

Moutard Rose NV #1

100% Pinot Noir, with a short maceration on the skins. From Buxeuil in La Côte des Bar.  Dosage: 10 g/l.  Disgorged February 5th 2013. This is lot # LRO09*12213 (thank you, François Moutard, for noting the dgd on the back label!).

Saignée red.  Plump, downy nose: a picnic basket of summer-y, ripe red berries.  Cherry tobacco, iris and graphite.  A bit four-square but jocund, inviting.  Rounded, pillowy texture, even a touch candle wax-y.  Nice swell through the mid-palate that puts the razz back in raspberry.  Cherry-life-saver finish.  No intellectual exercises to be found here: a buoyant display of flavorsome, billowing red irrepressibility.  For drinking soon.

Moutard Rose NV

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