Domaine Georges Mugneret, Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Chaignots 1er Cru 1985

Georges Mugneret Nuits Chaignots 1985 #1Youthful, gem-like ruby, faded orange rim.  A nose of warmth and magnanimity, reminiscent of your grandfather’s study: brick fireplace, spent pipe tobacco, dusty cedar, worn leather chair.  Exudes more of its Vosne proximity on the palate: silken, glacé, noble, articulated.  A stop-you-in-your-tracks mid-palate dimension.  Medium-full body without a hint of astringency.  Memorable finish, with soy intimations and a saline minerality.   A Chaignots with distinction and transparency.   Most of our ’85 premier crus had gone off years ago; these are still going strong.  Dr. Georges Mugneret, über alles.  Now – 2015.

Georges Mugneret Nuits Chaignots 1985

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