Domaine des Baumard, Coteaux du Layon ‘Clos de Sainte Catherine’ 1995

Baumard Catherine 1995

Baumard Catherine 1995 #2Fullish, copper-tinged persimmon.  Crystalline, hypnotic, botrytis-rich: galvanic, glacé fruit streaked with smoky mineral saturation and a silvery-cool grassiness.  Apricot marmalade, candied citrus peel, green fig, maize, veltiver, blossom honey.  A wine of amplitude and concentration with vibrant, well-judged acidity: this is articulate for its mass.  Detailed, limestone finish.  Of Baumard’s sweet Chenins from ’95, we prefer the tension of this ‘Clos de Sainte Catherine’ to the monument-like ‘Quarts du Chaume’.  Now -2020+.

Baumard Catherine 1995 #1

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