Domaine Michel Colin-Deléger et Fils, Chassagne-Montrachet Les Chenevottes 1er Cru 2002

Colin-Deleger Chassagne Chenevottes 2002 #3Last bottle on a case.  Gilded and a bit alarming, more than a couple ticks past medium gold.  We needn’t worry.  Deeply pitched and stylish in its textured floral and herbal essences.  Ornamented peach, pear and citrus, drizzled in nut oil, with a tilt towards fondant.  But not fat.  Underneath, a wine of nervosity, with tension and persistence.  Fine finish, saline and citric.  Memorable, this one: it engages, not allowing for easy categorization.  Haute couture Chenevottes … but still very much Chenevottes.  Impressive too: Michel teased quite a bit from one of the more humble climats in Chassagne-Montrachet.  Not for keeping, though; for drinking soon.

Colin-Deleger Chassagne Chenevottes 2002 #2

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