Domaine Louis Michel et Fils, Chablis Les Vaillons 1er Cru 2004

Louis Michel Vaillons 2004 #2

Louis Michel Vaillons 2004Ten years on tasting.

Penultimate bottle on a case.  Still immature in color, medium straw.  The citrus and stone orchard fruit has rounded off.  Louis Michel’s wine can be rigorous in their youth; this has a creamy refinement now.  It’s layered and scallopy, infused with algae, gyokoru and hawthorn, strained through silex.  A viscous yet limpid Vaillons concentration, medium-full, in filigree detail.  Lapidary finish, thickly salted and long.  We have discovered a handful of Chablis producers whose premier crus gain in dimension over ten years.  Louis Michel is one.  What a great start to the ’04’s!  Fully mature; now for drinking soon.  Will keep well.

Louis Michel Vaillons 2004 #1

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