J. & H.A. Strub, Niersteiner Paterberg Riesling Spätlese *** Rheinhessen 2001

Strub Three Star Spatlese 2001This is AP #6.  Green-gold.  Spicy, exotic and tumescent: sencha, ginger honey, apple tart tartin, passion fruit.  Telltale ’01 density on display, an enveloped, carnal mass of fruit, sweetness and acidity.  There’s a lot of wine here but it’s seemingly overcome by the weight and volume of material; explicit it’s not.  Auslese in style and richness without the noble rot or wealth of minerality.  Will this eventually shed its bulk and emerge more articulate?  Now – 2016.

Strub Three Star Spatlese 2001 #1

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