Domaine Belluard, Vin de Savoie ‘Le Feu’ 2009

Belluard Feu 2009

Five years on tasting.

The single-vineyard Gringet, named Le Feu (fire) because of its iron-rich red soil.  The vineyard sits at 450 meters.  Raised in concrete eggs.  Organic/BIO.

Yellow-gold.  Rippling with energy to the point of hyperactivity.   Stony citrus, tangerine and melon fruit with pinpoint, lapidary cut.   Not too goose-pimpled or broody.  The energy does face outward so this is readable and ripe.  Ferrous and salt-crusted at the end.  Seismic Savoie.  Drink your bottle(s) by the glass over a week.  Now – 2019.

Belluard Feu 2009 #1

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