Von Hövel, Oberemmeler Hütte Riesling Kabinett Saar 2012

Von Hovel Kabinett 2012This is AP#4.  Pale with a touch of emerald.   Already firmly rooted in its cantus firmus, this embodies the dew-drop limpidity to be found in the ’12s.   Winsome in its giddy display of kaffir lime, gooseberry, vetiver, pennyroyal; if this Von Hövel had musical accompaniment it would be Cat Stevens’ ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ (the song, not the whole album).  One of those wines where less is more.   Drool of peach extract at the end bodes well for future development in bottle.  From 2017.

Von Hovel Kabinett 2012 #1

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