Domaine Dauvissat-Camus, Chablis La Forest 1er Cru 2008

Dauvissat-Camus Forest 2008 #1

From Montmains fruit.

A deeper caste than the ’07 Forest, more gilded shimmer.  Rich and succulent, garlanded in honeysuckle, with a lush generosity one associates with Bienvenues.  You notice how finessed the use of barrel-fermentation is at Dauvissat, how it informs the textural density of the wine.  A layered concentration of dry-extract, it buffers the vintage’s prominent acidity.  Spectral in its interplay of green, yellow and orange fruit.  Penetrating and complex at the end, tension-filled and long.  We were transfixed coming back to this wine a couple hours later: its breeding shows more, well-water deep, the purity of this Kimmeridgian wine.  A Forest of fine character.  More expressive then the ’07 Forest today, not overcome by its minerality.  I would have expected the opposite.  Now – 2020+.

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