Domaine Marquis d’Angerville, Meursault Les Santenots Blanc 1er Cru 2007

D'Angerville Meursault Santenots 2007 #1

Bottle variation now: first bottle had gone off, lacking energy and focus.  Second bottle: canary-yellow.  Leesy with a vanilla-custard ripeness, lime-blossom canopy.  Gracious and textured fruit, with a sorbet freshness, that nip of acidity you feel at the tip of your tongue: lemon sherbet, crunchy cox’s orange.  Good grip; not great.  Minerality is there if you look for it, softly diffused through the fruit.  Santenots blanc in haute couture style.  We drank alot of this wine in ’12 when Diageo competitively put these out to the market; can’t say it has improved in the two years since.  For drinking soon.

D'Angerville Meursault Santenots 2007

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