Domaine de la Croix d’Or (Union des Vignerons) Saint Pourçain 2005

Saint-Pourcain 2005 #1

A domaine wine with the local co-operative in A.O.C. Saint-Pourçain.  From the Colas family who work 18 h/a in Besson and Chemilly.  A blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, raised in sandy soils.

Ten years on tasting.

Maturing ruby.  A bit avuncular – the tonic dryness of his minerality and tannins stick out.  Look past the astingence and he is invigorating and piquant; salted licorice, cherry pit, bone marrow and tobacco leaf spring positively from the glass. The finish is so stacked with minerality he feels carbonized.  One more reminder for those of us seeking unalloyed expressiveness of site must go to the Loire. For drinking soon.

Saint-Pourcain 2005

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