Josef Leitz, Rüdesheimer Klosterlay Riesling Kabinett Rheingau 2010

Leitz Rudesheimer Kabinett 2010 #2

Five years on tasting.

This is AP#53.

August 2015

Straw. I had forgotten how resinous this is. Tree sap flavors, balsamy. The energy is still at a low rumble. Long. Now – 2020+.

March 2014

Straw.  Still intense but no longer cacophonous.  Lovely fruit and lots of it: lime, pomelo, sweet basil.  Invigorating and salted at the end.  Now – 2020+.

June 2013

Straw.  He’s spectral and stone-sweet-salty. Flavors runs to apple cucumber slaw and key lime. Still early in the game for this Leitz; runs a bit sweet.  Give him time. Now – 2020+.

Leitz Rudesheimer Kabinett 2010 #4

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