Fritz Haag, Riesling Estate Mosel 2010

Fritz Haag Estate 2010 #5

March 2015

Five years on tasting.

A deeper color than the Steinmetz and it shows in his tangelo ripeness. Packed with material, no longer marked by the acidity, emerging as telltale, gauzy Mosel.  Drinking well now.  Now – 2018.

September 2013

Water pale.  Still mostly knees and elbows but this is starting to round off just a bit: what was once kumquat-y is more lumquat-y.  A bucolic petroleum distillate on day two.  Still quite a heady, intense Feinherb.  Now – 2018.

September 2012

Fritz Haag’s QBA ‘feinherb’ bottling.  Practically clear in color.  Subtle spritz of CO2.  Snappy, whistle-clean nose of gooseberry, pithy citrus, talc.  Virtually dry, tactile and of modest body on the palate: white peach and grannysmith apple, lightly seasoned with a touch of baking spice.  Today a mouthpuckering ’10 on the finish, with the sour bite of kumquat and pink grapefruit acidity.  This could use a little time in the cellar to come into focus.   Real substance but still a bit coiled on this night.  Now – 2018.

Fritz Haag Estate 2010 #6

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