Domaine François Gaunoux, Meursault Clos de Tavaux (monopole) 2010

Gaunoux Meursault Tavaux 2010 #4

Five years on tasting.

March 2015

Lemon yellow.  A wine of middle ripeness, summery and salted.  Red raspberry, white chocolate and on day two, there it is, succulent pêche de vigne.  Fine acidity to finish the wine and you can see over to his marny, mineral endings now.  Two years ago, he gushed without true form, weighty yet inchoate.  He’s found his feet, symmetrical now, indeed graceful for his build.  The future is bright, I was wrong about this wine.  Now – 2020.

May 2013

Lemon yellow.  Ripe, rich nose, with hints of the exotic: slightly smoky stone fruit, nutmeg, almond oil, gingerbread.  Plush and granular on the palate, apricot and pear parfait.  Glyceric texturally.  Not the greatest complexity and in personality maybe a bit too cliché but, all and all, a satisfying Meursault.  Not one to lose in the cellar; this will be at peak by age five.  Now – 2015.

Gaunoux Meursault Tavaux 2010 #3

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