Janisson Baradon & Fils, Brut Sélection Épernay Non Vintage

Janisson Baradon Brut Selection NV

50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay from 9 h/a of vineyards in Épernay.  Lutte Raisonnée practiced.  30% reserve wines kept in oak barrels.  Aged three years in Janisson Baradon cellars.  Dosage: 8 g/l.  Current release.

Resplendent yellow-gold.  Such a gauzy and affectionate style; caramelly barrel tones greet you with a kiss on both cheeks.  Abundant ripe stone fruit and spice, textural, pillowy.  Fine acidity keeps him light on his feet.  Toasted lees finish.  Who among us can resist his charms?  Of and for the now.

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