Château Mouton Rothschild, Paulliac 1975

Mouton 1975 #7

Mouton 1975 #5

Forty years on tasting.

Burnished and russet, shades of ochre.  I came expecting last rites for Mouton ’75 but his was a bravura performance, easily the classiest bottle of Mouton ’75 I have met, rising one last time with the telltale vigor and tenacity of the vintage.  The bouquet is a dovetail joint formed of white fennel, pain grillé, old textbook, polished cedar.  The palate is more trebly: just an echo of fruit now, the acidity showing more, but the flavors are elegant and tertiary, intimating at soy, tabac blond, summer truffle.  The finish isn’t long but memorable nonetheless: the poise of a first growth Paulliac is there if you look for it.  Thank you Chuck!  Now.

Mouton 1975 #3

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