Domaine Romain Guiberteau, Saumur Blanc 2014


Imported by Vineyard Road, Framingham MA.

From vines aged three to sixty, the younger from the Clos des Carmelites and Clos de Guichaux and the old from the “Bas de Pentes” of Brézé.

November 2016

Tulip yellow.  Steel saber dipped in yellow fruit, salty as an oyster shell and so ripe and juicy as to suggest sweetness that’s actually not there.  Penetrating.  Now – 2020.

October 2015

Tulip yellow. The scant soil here gives him an adamant mineral streak but it’s the resonant fruit in ’14 that stands out, ripe and declamatory and tropically lavish.  Skeletally fine-boned and the dramatic acidity finishes the wine with punctuation.  Both the wine and the vintage show substance and potential.  Now – 2020+.

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