Domaine William Fèvre, Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru 2005

Imported by Henriot, New York NY.

April 2018

Emerald.  Its old embers are still pulsing and the wine is a still formidable fusion of lime concentrate and oyster liquor.  You smell the fury of the volcano and taste the salt and the magma.  Little to no oxidation from a bottle opened one week ago.   If eternity turns out to be inscrutable then this is a wine for eternity.  Now – 2030+.

June 2013

Emerald.  Totally hidden at first.  Rather severe and tightly wound: overt chalkiness, oyster-shell and herbal peppermint.  An impression of still locked-up citrus.  A reductive and seemingly ‘hot’ wine overcome by its minerality, a molten mass of grand cru energy pointed inward to the point of immolation.  Still grudging on day two: a little more fruit character present, green apple & citrus, mostly pip, pit and pith.  But overall, the sense is of a brooding, imploded wine.  From 2015+.

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