Domaine Jean-Claude Bessin, Chablis Valmur Grand Cru 2008

Veritas Imports, Glendale CA.

September 2018

Ten years on.

Emerald.  A creaminess of texture that comes from a high proportion of millerandé berries.  Boasts superb animation for its size.  Gleaming fruit-salt interplay, water crowfoot and urchin roe and the finish displays innate command.  Now – 2023+.

September 2013

Five years on.

Emerald. At once geologic, oceanic and adamantine. Unshakeable in his composure and entirely convinced (and convincing!) in its Kimmeridgian self-belief. For a wine that is 20% barrel-fermented this offers none of wood’s accessibility. Acidity equipped with after-burners and a minerality that hisses. This is vibrative architecture in hyper-motion: it adamantly dismisses any discussion of fruit character for a future date and time.  Respect his wishes.  From 2018.

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