Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rosé Mareuil-sur-Aÿ

Milton Road Trading Company, Napa CA.

50% Chardonnay; 30% Pinot Noir (a touch of still PN is added); 20% Pinot Meunier. Dosage: 8 g/l. Some of the base wine undergoes malolactic fermentation. Aged three years on the lees before disgorgement. Base vintage with between 30-40% reserve wines.

September 2018

Coral pink.  Disgorged in 2015 with 2012 base wine and reserve wine from the prior three years.  This is a tic rounder than last year’s without being the least bit slack or chubby.  Strawberry cream, the silkiest fruit and a cold splash of chalk.  Now – 2022+.

January 2015

Coral pink.  2009 base vintage and she’s steadfast, compressed, declamatory.  Ripe flavors run to lavender, satsuma and bullace.  Nourishing as ever.  Should fan out gracefully with cellar-time.  Now – 2019.

July 2013

Coral pink and this one is 2008 base vintage. Fragrant, savory nose: dried red fruit and sweet rhubarb, wood chervil, fennel frond. Rainwater-fresh on the palate: groseille, hint of pink-peppercorn spice. Slatey, mineral-rich finish. A hallmark balance. Fastidious bead with a ballerina of a mousse. All limpid lines here. A Rosé of delicacy and restraint. Now – 2018+.

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