Domaine Vrignaud, Chablis Fourchaume Vielles Vignes 1er Cru 2010

November 2018

Emerald.  Billows now with a maturing marzipan and key lime sweetness.  The acidity is rounded off to form a refined frame from which the flavors have fully blossomed.  Steel and oyster at the end.  Now.

June 2013

Three years on.

Emerald.  A brisk, irrepressible nose: citrus zest, kelp, fusil and fleur du sel.  Northern lights bright, penetrating and piquant on the palate; in texture, tactile and a bit chewy: lemon skin, pithy citrus, green apple core.  This has a rewarding maritime undertow, a sea-shell infused minerality cutting right though the center.  A limey acidity.  A correct Fourchaume.  Now –  2020+

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