Domaine des Lambrays, Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru (monopole) 2005

Peter Weygandt and Metzler Importing, Unionville PA.

October 2021

Ruby. If you could pound jewels into silk, it would be this. All the sublime fruit of this walled vineyard with all the sensational density of the ’05s. Melodic and blossoming on one side. Turn it over it’s still as a monk’s garden, cloister-quiet. It gets almost frustrating wanting to rise to meet these. The wines shimmer somewhere free of gravity, but me, I’m just a guy. Now – 2035+.

July 2015

Ten years on.

Bright ruby. Jewelly and aerial. Volumes of impeccable fruit, pulled taut as a shoelace. Ripe with subtlety. The tannins are plush and expensive. A great Lambrays. Now – 2035+.

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