Frank John, Buntsandstein Riesling Trocken Pfalz 2013

Peter Weygandt and Metzler Importing, Unionville PA.

Demeter-certified since 2007.  Biodynamic farming, no clones but old vines and massale selections and harvesting by hand.  No chapitalization, fermentation with indigenous yeasts in traditional oak barrels and no blocked malo for the Riesling.  Long aging on the full lees, no fining and minimal addition of sulfur before bottling.  Fermented fully dry down to less than one gram per liter of residual sugar.

Five years on.

This is AP#2.

Straw.  So ripe and juicy as to suggest sweetness that’s actually not there.  Lilac and quince and it covers the palate entirely yet still seems to levitate and shimmer.  A great example of the tension to be found in the ’13s.  Now – 2023.

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