Maison Henri Boillot, Meursault Genevrières 1er Cru 2004

Boillot Meursault Gen 2004 #3

Lemon-yellow with golden hints.  An ample, au courant nose: yellow stone fruit, singed toast, herb butter and distilled hazelnut.  Quite oaky.  Vital on the palate, plush and concentrated: nashi pear, maize, apple puff pastry.  That oak signature is our biggest issue: it’s not clumsy or heavy-handed but it’s built to ‘stand proud’ and so it vies, almost competes, for attention.  Preferred this Genevrières after a couple hours: I thought the oak blew off a bit (Barb disagrees) to become more herbal (sweet basil).  Citric, lemony acidity.  Positive grip.  A silex minerality.  A fine Genevrières for sure even though we increasingly realize this is not our preferred style. Now – 2016.

Boillot Meursault Gen 2004 #2

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