Domaine Pierre Morey, Meursault Les Terres Blanches (lieux-dits villages) 2006

Pierre Morey Terres Blanches 2006 #1

Just south of the premier cru vineyard “Gouttes d’Or”.   Organic/BIO since 1997.

Yellow-gold.  Thick, golden nose with a proto-botrytis streak: nut and machine-oils, apricot marmalade, gingery spice.  A honeyed wine, drenched in hazelnut.  Yet for all its baroque opulence this has enough animation and unexpected depth, buoyed by insistent, lemony acidity and crystalline minerality.   Orange-flower-water finish.  The opposite of virginal but convincing for ’06.  Not for keeping though.

Pierre Morey Terres Blanches 2006 #2

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