Domaine Darviot-Perrin, Chassagne-Montrachet Les Blanchots Dessus 1er Cru 1995

Darviot-Perrin Chassagne Blanchots 1995 #2

April 2014

Green-gold and glowing as if internally lit.  Quite reductive at first.  Concentrated and pungent in its herbal essences: chartreuse, wolfbane, cowpea and wild sage.  Noteworthy energy and intensity.  Robust, fervent and true, if a bit weed-like in personality but without verging into brassica.  Long, soulful finish.  A vitamin-pill intensity to its indomitable, verdurous Chassagne heart so not for everyone (some might prefer smoking it to drinking it).  You can still keep this.  Now – 2017.

April 2013

Youthful yellow-gold with emerald hints.  Verdant and penetrating: green and white stone fruit, sweet rosemary, dandelion honey, succulent fern.  A sinewy welterweight on the palate, honed, sève, with intense punch and drive:  loquat, balsam apple, pithy citrus. An almost cyanic acidity, raspy and rampant and more at home with the ’96s than the “bien dans sa peau” whites from ’95.  Wild, persistent and mineralic at the end.  Les Blanchots can be a little anonymous; not this Darviot-Perrin.  Wintery, sauvage Blanchots, beaming with character.  Now – 2015+.

Darviot-Perrin Chassagne Blanchots 1995 #1

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